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Khaliq's Facial Aesthetics

 *Cardiff only* 

3 areas of anti- wrinkle injections for £160 or 1ml of  Juvederm lip filler £150 and get 10% off the next treatment which includes PDO threads, dermal filler, skin hydration and anti wrinkle injections 

Location : Cardiff Sports Clinic, 61 Whitchurch Road, Gabalfa, Cardiff. CF14 3JP.

DM for appointments 07720644685

Dr Khaliq

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LEMONBOTTLE is a revolutionary injectable compound that sets itself apart in the Lipolysis Market. 


Key Benefits:

Fat Dissolving: LEMONBOTTLE effectively breaks down fat cells and enhances metabolism.

Tightening Effects: Experience improved skin firmness and reduced cellulite.

Unique Ingredient Blend: Our formula includes Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) for enhanced fat cell response


Treated Areas:


Double Chin Area 

Arms (‘bingo wings’) 

Bra Bulge (back) area 

Love Handles 

Hour Glass Curves 


Inner thighs 

Outer thighs 


Key Ingredients: 

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - Induces activation of fat metabolism

Bromelain (Pineapple) - Helps to break down fat and remove inflammation

Lecithin (Derived from vegtables) - Destroys and transports unnecessary fat cells


Achieve the Best Results:

3-5 treatments, every 7 days apart, to deliver optimal results, the best results are often seen between 21-45 days.  Costs vary based on treatment area and product amount.


We will be using various types of weight loss medications. 

The two main medications are Saxsenda and Ozempic which have clinically been proven to reduce weight. 


There will be an initial consultation which will include a detailed past medical history, blood pressure and blood sugar measurements, urine test, waist circumference and Body mass index 


More than just Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy available at the Cardiff Sports Clinic

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