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What Our Patients Think

I first came to see James about four months ago after suffering with a painful shoulder and neck on the right side which I believe was caused by my work sitting at a computer all day. After the first session I felt immediate relief from the pain and since then it has never come back.

I’ve been for a few more sessions since to keep things in check and James also showed me some great but simple exercises to keep my shoulder and neck pain free. I’d thoroughly recommend James.

Paul Hunt – Cardiff

At sports massage Cardiff I find that I’m always listened to carefully and understood and that James is very keen to get to the root of the problem. He is very patient and gently builds up the treatment always checking to see I’m ok. He concentrates on a precise area and really works it. He gives clear instructions on aftercare and how to exercise to keep the problem at bay/help eradicate it. I never feel like the session is being rushed, he never pushes for unnecessary appointments and I feel that James genuinely wants to get you better and cares.

Leonie Jones – Cardiff

I’ve been going to James for the last couple of months as I had a slipped disc in my neck. I’ve found the treatment brilliant. It has helped to ease and relieve so much tension and pain. Without this treatment I think it would have taken twice as long to start recovering. James is always fair and honest, unlike some practitioners who take advantage and drag the treatments out. He gives you advice on exercises to do at home and is always happy to give advice. I would definitely recommend him and his practice.

Lynne Beach – Cardiff#

I have used James physio service for almost 4 years. I have suffered different sports injuries to my lower back, shoulder and feet(marathon training) each time I have made a quick recovery back to sport/training. James has undoubtedly a strong and thorough knowledge of sports injuries and even though the treatment is intense, the results are great very time. I would highly recommend James to anyone that plays sports and has back pain or is recovering from an injury.

A. Jacob – Cardiff

I arrived for an initial consultation in considerable pain and unable to sit pain free. After my treatment, I was able to walk and sit comfortably for the rest of the day and night. James was professional and very knowledgeable, he showed me exercises which I could do myself easily. These exercise have helped my recovery and I feel more able to manage my recovery. The treatment I received was first rate and I would thoroughly recommend James to anyone suffering lower back and leg pain.

Steven Self – Penarth

As a marathon runner and general sports nut, I need someone who I trust to give me pre event and post event care and know they have the knowledge to fix any of my old and new problems.
Every time I see James he is polite and professional with clear help and explaining what is wrong.
Prices are excellent and would strongly recommend anyone to see James for any treatment needed.

Richard Adam Miller-Williams – Cardiff

James is extremely knowledgeable, insightful and skilled. We’ve worked on multiple issues from recovering from injuries to more general maintenance, and we’ve been able to resolve even long-standing issues going back years, which I hadn’t even come in for treatment for originally and I thought could never be fixed. Highly recommended.

Mark in Roath – Cardiff

I had been suffering for 8 months with chronic plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I had exhausted all efforts to find relief for the pain in my foot. Some days it was incredibly difficult to bare any weight on. I have now had 2 session of treatment from James; I was amazed to finally feel relief from the pain I had been suffering after just the first treatment. James is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and he was very informative about my condition. He has got me back on my feet. I would highly recommend James.

Scott Gordon – Benfleet

After months of pain and stiffness which were not relieved by physiotherapy, I was amazed to feel relief from a long standing shoulder and neck issue after the 1st visit. Subsequent visits have brought further improvement and I am now virtually pain free, the sessions have been informative and professional. I would highly recommend James and look forward to the occasional maintenance visit.

Linda Lloyd – Caerphilly

James is knowledgeable, personable, and professional. He was able to locate the source of the problem in my back, and eased the tightness after just one session. I’ve now had three sessions, and the issue seems to have cleared up completely. He also gave me some useful exercises and tips to help me remain pain-free and mobile long-term. I highly recommend him.

Joanne Blake – Cardiff

James is brilliant at what he does. After years of pain throughout certain parts of my body. He has used his skill set to really help me on my journey. I look forward to my next appointment.  

Richard Evans – Cardiff

James is very knowledgeable and shows a genuine interest and determination to help my performance in running. By far the best sports massage I’ve had and James’ consulting gives me great confidence in my future ability.

Richard Jenkins – Cardiff

I’ve had severe neck and shoulder tension and James has been really good with me. After each session I could feel the tension easing, really couldn’t thank him enough. Someone that puts his customers first!

Ayasha Begum – Cardiff

I saw James after years of reoccurring sports problems and several therapists. I feel his approach offers long term results which can be maintained with aftercare. He is personable and friendly, yet professional and efficient. He is always willing to offer advice for self care and has an excellent knowledge of the human body and how it works. Highly recommended.

Kathy Counsell, Caerphilly

For years I suffered with a long standing shoulder injury which would at times would hinder both exercise and work, but after just one session with James it feels like new. James is extremely adept and thorough in gathering details about the nature of the injury and the effect(s) it has allowing him to get to the root cause of the problem and start treating it. 

During the course of the session James also explained/demonstrated what exercises I needed use to keep the shoulder healthy and mobile. The advice has proved invaluable so far as even now weeks later I’ve had no recurrence of the injury. I would not hesitate in recommending James to anyone, he is credit to his profession and truly cares about those he treats. As evidenced when at the end of the session I asked if I needed to book a follow up appointment, to which he replied ‘Do the exercises and see how you get on with it first and if you get any further problems then come back and see me’.

Carlos Gutierrez, Caerphilly

I have seen James many times over a number of years, I have pulled my shoulder, my back and my neck at various times and James has eased everything I have done. I have had regular treatment for extreme tightness in my shoulder and upper back. James is extremely knowledgeable and never fails to ease my pain.

Debbie Tingley, Cardiff

James is very thorough, asking and enquiring about issues so that the treatment received helps to relieve the troublesome spot. I have found great relief after treatment and increased mobility. Plus he’s very prompt at organising appointments!

Jennie Oliver, Cardiff

James gives a thorough sports massage relieving the tension in my neck, back and shoulders section by section. His strength and manipulation tactics quickly alleviate pain and I have just found out he is qualified to do acupuncture too! Not only does he give a brilliant massage, but he also teaches me stretches and exercises to prevent the pain from returning. I have seen a lot of physiotherapists and masseurs in Cardiff in the past and James’ methods are certainly the best for relieving muscle tension. Moreover, £35 pounds an hour student rate is great value. 

Elinor Lee, Cardiff

I have a very stressful career and was very unhappy and despondent. I suffer with constant high level joint and muscle pain to the extent of early retirement. A running coach and triathlon athlete, knowing how unsuccessful I had been with several local practitioners, introduced me to James. I’ve not looked back. James is a highly knowledgeable and up-to-date practitioner. I am comfortable with explaining my pain and anxieties to him. James has devised an exercise and maintenance programme which allows me to walk, drive and continue to work. Not so long ago I thought I wouldn’t be able to do either one! I thoroughly recommend James. 

Angela Nicholls, Cardiff

As a touring artist to Cardiff, I was in need of a single appointment to sort out a muscle pull which was making my job increasingly difficult to do. James made excellent use of my time and attended to all issues I raised, including those unrelated to my injury, and sorted out my shoulder so I was able to continue with work. He gave me tips and exercises for the future, and was thoroughly professional and friendly. He responds quickly to emails and has also made sure I was able to find someone in London as the problem continued. Thanks, James! 

Sarah Parkin, London

I have had issues with my shoulder, back and neck for many years. Things had got so bad before my first visit to James, that I was taking pain killers every day and had constant pins and needles in my one hand. After my visit I had so much more movement and within 2 days my pins and needles had disappeared. James’ treatment worked so well I didn’t need to have a second visit for 4 months! Something which I wouldn’t have believed before going. Even if you have tried other treatments give James a go I am very impressed.

Clare Williams, Cardiff

I suffer from RSI and chronic back pain. James identified an appropriate course of treatments to allow me to maintain functionality and work on diminishing my RSI (which no-one has yet been able to do). Also his treatments are very affordable and at times that suit me.

Mary-Eve Nelson, Cardiff

James is amazing – he sets me right every time and can always fit me in when I email him in a panic. I have needed his services a number of times over the past two years and he always manages to get to the bottom of it and sort me out. We have gone from excruciating pain with a huge limp to completely manageable walking in a week. I am so glad he is in Cardiff and can’t recommend him highly enough.

Lucy Mellors, Bordon

James just knew exactly where to go in and helped me huge amounts. I was in real pain and hardly could walk and after an hour of treatment with him, I jumped off the massage table and was able to perform that night at WNO. His tips and tricks with the treatment were super. 
I highly recommend James and wish I would live closer so I could go every week. Hope on my next trip to Cardiff again. 
Many thanks James! Mr Magic Hands! 

Luise Breyer-Aiton, Sherborne

Before I came in I saw a chiropractor who was doing nothing to help me trapped neck. 
I was in constant pain. 
James is professional and was able to locate where the problem came from instantly. 
After the treatment I experienced what pain free was! Quite amazing! I now use the excersises James gave me 4-6 times a day to maintain the freedom in my neck! James also gave me a trigger ball! I think this is amazing, I would suggest everyone getting one! Thanks again James for working magic!

Terence Hughes, Salford

Nice guy, made me comfortable and relaxed and managed to help me with my back pain, would probably still be hurting if it wasn’t for James’ massages! 

Dale Davies, Cardiff

James is very knowledgable and effiicient, he got me back fighting fit after I pulled my hamstring. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and my partner will be using his services soon. He is an honest person and his prices for treatments are very reasonable.

Gareth Purser, Cardiff

I injured my knee during my training for the Everest Marathon. Since I have seen James for couple of sessions, I am back into running and preparing for my Marathon on May. Especially I found soft tissue treatment very effective. 
I am very happy with his professional and excellent service. I would highly recommend him to any one.

Dilip Gurung, Cardiff

I had very stiff muscles along my right shoulder which were waking me up at night if I turned onto that side. 

James massaged the tight muscles over 3 sessions. The improvement was impressive even after the first session. Very pleased.

Simon Stokes, Cardiff

I had been suffering lower back and long term right shoulder problems, James was able to sort it out within 3 sessions, I was surprised how fast and effective the treatment was, I would highly recommend James.

Richard McCarthy, Penarth

Very good treatment professional and suggestions of exercises to at work and when at home were excellent to hopefully fix my leg long-term.

Paul Barwood, Pontypridd

James treated a problematic lower back injury that had not responded to any gentle exercise, stretching, medication etc. James identified the problem and treated it with a combination of massage/compressions and dry needle acupuncture. I was very surprised to see such an improvement in the symptoms within only 1 or 2 sessions. James was always keen to know how the injury had reacted to the previous session and he adjusted the treatment if necessary. I was extremely pleased with the treatment provided by James and I would definitely recommend him. James was always very accommodating with appointment slots.

Matthew, Cardiff

James has worked on several problem areas some from injury some brought on from lifestyle. Each time thorough investigative work was done to pinpoint the origin and resolve the problem. Excellent follow up advice and explanation of maintenance stretches and self massage to be continued at home. James has used a combination of techniques each time selecting the best technique to resolve the specific issue, and maintain long term results for normal function in the area worked on.

Carys Hudd, Cardiff

James Ogle was highly recommended to me by a professional trainer and so I visited him for treatment for a problem with my back. I went on to have a course of treatment which relieved my problem completely and now see him for maintenance. On every occasion I have found him courteous and extremely skillful. He relieved the pain and gave treatments that were designed to have long term benefits as opposed to a ‘quick fix’. I highly recommend him.

Sarah Broughton, Cardiff

James is pleasant and professional. I found his treatment effective for my broken elbow and subsequent frozen shoulder. The soft tissue work provided some relief for me.
I’m happy to recommend his service to others.

Nicola, Cardiff

Twice I’ve had serious muscular pain, and both times James has been able to sort it out in a single session.  Extremely satisfied customer, highly recommended.

Neil Roberts, Caerphilly

I have regular appointments with James in the ongoing battle to loosen up my legs (because stretching is never enough!)! James quickly pinpoints the offending areas and uses a number of techniques including deep massage, acupuncture and a little tool (I forget it’s name) that does wonders for my legs (although I do have to brace myself as its a bit “ticklish”!!). James is very thorough and will make sure you’re back on your feet in no time.

Karen Robertson-Burge, Cardiff

Having had a number of niggly issues with my knee. James had helped to resolved this problem and has given me a great deal of confidence in my running and had an very reasonable price. Very happy!! James has a lovely, caring friendly professional manner.

Kate Jones, Cardiff

I’d highly recommend James. Last year, I was due to run the Cardiff 10k and had major knee issues the week before. James managed to get me up and running enough to not only complete the race, but even do a lot better than I’d anticipated. Since then, I’ve gone on to run marathons and half marathons and James has dealt with all my niggles and various complaints and I really don’t think that I’d have managed to get through those runs without his help.It also really helps to know that you’ve got someone there who can stop those niggles becoming something more serious. 

Pete Vokes, Cardiff

I suffer from chronic upper back and neck pain and have experienced a great amount of relief through treatments with James. 
When I explain where the pain is he fully understands and is able to deal with the problem. 
He then uses a combination of techniques which, although are uncomfortable, are very effective and leave me pain free.
He knows exactly what he is doing, is completely professional and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Sue Clement, Cardiff

I am a carpet fitter who has had a history of back problems for over 15 years. I have visited various professional people to try to resolve my problems with a lot of different results. I must say that the knowledge that james has in identifying and resolving my many different strains really helps me get back to work and feeling well enough to get back to work and continue with my daily routine. I would strongly recommend his services. 

Craig Davies, Cardiff

I had been struggling with in my left calf for about a month and my boyfriend convinced me to have a massage on it. I was very dubious but it was absolutely fantastic, it was painful during the massage but definitely worth it. I’ve had very little pain since so I am really pleased with the results. It was great value for money and he was very professional, I would recommend him to anyone.

Rachael Maree Howell, Pontyclun

The treatments I’ve received from James have been fantastic. I’ve struggled with my injury for several years and he’s taken the time to understand my problems and offer the best treatment possible. I’ve tried countless other therapies and treatments and this is the first one to actually show some results. He works with you and keeps you informed of what he’s doing and why. I would highly recommend him. 

Angela Muir, Cardiff

Having a previously negative experience with physiotherapy I was reluctant to seek further help, but through pain and desperation to get back training I plumped for James with expectations low. I can happily say that just after three visits the difference I feel ( upper back problems) is huge and getting better each day not just with hands on treatment but the tailored advice and help that James offers. After a frustrating 8 months of pain I am not far away from training again all thanks to James and Sports Massage Cardiff. Highly recommended. 

Gareth Evans

James gave a brilliant treatment managing to work with me to help find the root cause of my lower back pain. I now have helpful tips of what to do at home to stop the problem coming back. I would definitely recommend him as a therapist!

Ruth Hughes, Cardiff

I visited James (Sports Massage Cardiff) with a leg/back injury that I’d picked up while mountaineering. It wasn’t getting better, was preventing me from training and contributing to sleepless nights. James diagnosed the condition (100% accurate) and worked hard to relieve the symptoms. He was able to disconnect the pain by using deep tissue massage and advise on various stretches that I could use to treat the condition myself; additionally he advised on posture and alignment and we have begun to work on that. The whole experience has been very effective for me and my condition is now improving. The bottom line is that if you are active, and you train, then you will probably require the services of a professional like James at some point. He comes highly recommended.

Robin Alldred, Cardiff

James certainly knows how to pinpoint the source of a problem and give it a good going over! I’ve had a list of ailments sorted from my shoulders right down to my heals – he fully explains everything in an easy to follow and an approachable manner and will only ever apply as much pressure as I can tolerate. Definitely worth a visit for anyone with a genuine sports injury.

Marcus Pinker, Cardiff

I suffer from Fibromyalgia which is, basically, a condition where muscles and joints are in a constant state of pain, 24/7. 
There is always a background level of pain though this goes off the scale after physical exertion. 
Consequently I either shy away from physical activities (even gardening will flare it), or push through a job that needs doing and pop pain killers for a few days afterwards. 
I first found James from a google search of sports therapists and have been having fortnightly appointments for several months. 
After a couple of sessions spent “experimenting” to find the correct pressure and technique to suit my condition, I’m delighted that we have found a combination of muscular massage and fascia (fibrous membrane enclosing the muscle) manipulation to give me enough pain relief to allow me to function fairly normally. 
The pain is still there but is much lower and I have found myself more supple and able to do more things for longer. 
James is a true professional. The first visit combines a thorough assessment and questionnaire and at no time are you made to feel uncomfortable or be pushed beyond your limits or pain threshold. 
He is also a thoroughly nice guy too which is great for putting you at ease. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending James if you are looking for genuine sports massage and pain relief. 
His work has helped me to lead an almost normal life between sessions and I cannot thank him enough! 

Jonathan Davies, Barry

James is amazing! I have suffered with chronic pain for years after fracturing my spine, and after a few sessions with James I can now say I live a pain free life! His understanding how parts of the body are linked is exceptional- I can say a little part is niggling, and straight away he’ll go to a place completely separate, but somehow relieve all the pain! After years of different physios and types of treatment, I’m thrilled to say I’ve finally found the one that works. 

On a personal level, James is a really nice, affable guy. He really listens to you, and gives lots of great post-treatment advice. You can tell he is passionate about his job. 

Seriously, this guy has worked miracles on me- don’t hesitate in booking yourself in!! 

Lydia Sadd

I have work related neck and upper back issue for 7 years and had tried physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment without much success. 
James had helped me tremendously with symptom control. After about 3 treatments, significant result was already observed. 
James listened well to my concerns and addressed them during therapy sessions. I consider his treatment effective for my issue and I consider the price charged is value for money. 
If you have chronic musculoskeletal issue, I highly recommend that you should give James a try.


Hi my name is mohammed I’ve been suffering with a pain in my shoulder blade and it also effected my shoulder and kneck movement was minimal. If I took a deep breath I would feel pain, Enough was enough I could no longer handle the pain so I got online and started searching for local massage therapists. As a regular gym goer sports massage caught my eye. After my 1st appointment my pain was reduced by 60%. I couldnt believe the relief I was feeling and after the 3rd appointment I was pain free, I will be honest I had my doubts before my 1st appointment but the professionalism james showed and how quick he found the root of the problem I was left shocked and extremely pleased. If I had to describe James I would say hes a magician lol. I couldn't believe I waited that long to get treated. Highly recommended.

Mohammed Ashfaq

Being a massage therapist, I’m prone to tension myself, but you can’t treat yourself! I have an ongoing shoulder problem, and also tight hips from running. The soft tissue release techniques James uses are great and so effective. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and will definitely be going back. Thank you :).

Julie Urquhart, Julie Mobile Massage Therapy, Cardiff

As an active 42 year old I was extremely concerned when an upper back niggle became a real pain in the neck. Previous experiences with physios had me ready for a rub with exotically scented oils followed by advice to rest. This was not for me so I took to Google in search of something more robust. How lucky I have been to find James. Using a practical, realistic approach plus a down to earth take on advice and guidance (I have a degree in Sport Science and James takes that into account while treating me and explaining exactly what is going on) James’ unique treatment has meant I have played competitive tennis, rugby and football matches while under the healing guidance of his thumbs. Yes, it may be a little painful on times but I have been back in the gym the following day feeling the benefits. If you want real results, go and see James. If he can get this 42 year old playing rugby again, think what he can do for you! 

Craig Jones

A friend recommended James to me and I went along with a degree of skepticism as nothing had helped my ongoing running injuries for more than a few days at a time up to that point. This is not a nice, relaxing massage with oil and plinky plonky music – if that’s what you want then James is not the man for you. This is targeted massage from somebody who knows about referred pain and sports injuries. After 8 session the improvement in my long term hip problem has been fantastic, taking other associated niggles away with it. 

I’m sure for some there is a quick fix but I knew the issues I had were going to take time to resolve. I’m extremely happy with the way things are going and I’ll be able to start training again next week as a result. 

I’d highly recommend James – not only for his professionalism and knowledge but also for his stoic good humour in the face of my grizzling and swearing at him when it hurts.

Kate Shaw, Cardiff

I have seen James to address a number of issues, but primarily on my back and shoulder. James has been very professional, friendly, but most importantly has fixed the issues I brought to him. He has also given me really good advice on follow up care.

Owen Davies

I went to see James about 6 weeks ago with an ongoing back problem that I’d had since I was 13. I really didn’t have much confidence in what could be done because lots of people had tried to help me but with no luck. However, James has been a miracle worker, throughout our session James has been honest, always explained everything that he’s doing and has never made any false promises about the treatment. My back still has a few issues but I’m only just a couple of months into treatment. Without James I think I would have given up on my back and just ended up taking pain killers for the rest of my life. If you have a problem however big or small, I have no doubt in my mind that James would be open to help. He really is fantastic at what he does! 

Sophie Cammaerts

In the last year been here 3 times and going for a fourth time just before London Marathon becasue he knows his stuff, take water with you for afterwards to keep you hydrated and love the pain :).

Richard Miller-Williams

James is very professional and knowledgeable in the service he provides. 
I have a condition that requires regular massages. 
James was positive in his approach to treatment and excellent at explaining what he was doing and why. 

Adam Dolniak, Walthamstow

I have been visiting James for about 18 months on and off due to a back that sometimes gets really tight muscles meaning I am in lots of pain. (I had a discectomy about 10 yrs ago, and have a fairly weak back).

I find that therapists who offer regular massage don’t really help, but James’ sports massage is amazing. He completely understands the complicated muscular structure in my back and hits the spot every time. I always leave much more mobilised than when I arrive. I had one last night for an hour and left feeling 100% better, in fact I slept for 10 hrs when I got home! I have had loads of massages over the last 10 years – James is the only one I confidently recommend to friends and colleagues. 

He is very professional and as a woman, I find him completely safe. 

Suzanne Rees, Cowbridge

Very trustworthy and professional. Had problem with my shoulder after 2 sessions of working on my back, pain is gone. Thank you would never thought that my back muscle can be responsible for pain of my shoulder. Thx again.

Lukasz Bushi, Cardiff

After many months of shoulder/back/neck pain, a small fortune spent on therapy, being advised to stop kendo and reconsider my job at a drawing desk, I was concerned that nothing could be done for me, until I visited James.

Before the end of the first session my pain had lessened and my movement was considerably better. After the second session, my improvement has been amazing. In my first week back to kendo, I’ve managed five practices in one week- hooray!
James offers a professional, effective and informative service. I highly recommend him and am looking forward to my next sessions.
Thank you James.

Hannah Jones, Pontyclun

I’ve been one of James’ customers for over a year and visit the clinic roughly every 4 / 5 weeks. Most of the work is maintenance treatment, although it’s generally focussed on my calves where I’ve had past injuries.

James also gives me warm-up advice (which I’ve found very helpful), and has also shown me how to strap up a twisted ankle (another recurring injury of mine), so provides far more than just a sports massage service.

I’m very happy with the service James provides. He’s very good at finding the problem areas quickly and the always explains the treatment he carries out. He’s very personable and by far the best of the 4 sports masseurs I initially consulted around Cardiff.

Ceri Hughes, Cardiff

Excellent sessions I was having a numb feeling in my right leg due to adjusting my spine out of place from road running seeing James in conjunction with my chiropractor has helped relieve the symptoms and put me on track to full recovery.

Antony Young, Cardiff

I was suffering with a persistent hamstring problem. I had previously seen a physio who had been unable to resolve the issue. I saw a big improvement through James’ treatment and was happy with the price and level of service.

James Louden, Cardiff

Excellent sessions, and quite a different method to the sports massages I had previously recieved. Has sorted out a few nagging on-going issues for me.

John McSherry, Bridgend

Having first contacted James with back/shoulder complaints, I have also had treatment on the lower back are and legs.

The techniques used by James are extremely useful in increasing mobility around the joints, which improves functional movement.

The services offered are of the highest quality with plenty of additional advice with regards to stretching/maintenance. As James has a breadth of knowledge of sporting activities and medical conditions, he is able to tailor the treatment according to the individuals needs.

Highly recommended and excellent value for money.

Charlotte Austin, Cardiff

I go in to the session with some kind of running/triathlon/kickboxing injury and I walk out feeling light and fresh – albeit with a little pleasurable pain along the way.

Excellent service, unbelievable skills, and a real credit to soft tissue therapy.


Jimmi Nicholls, Brixton

I picked up a strain in my left calf muscle that was painful enough to prevent me from full training and had gone on for over a week. I had heard that James was good at sorting out this sort of problem but was genuinely amazed at what he did.

He began working on my hamstring as he had quickly identified that as the cause of my problem (even though it wasn’t hurting). After about ten minutes he told me to get up and check how the calf was feeling. I was shocked to find that the pain had just about disappeared. He spent the rest of the session working on unknotting the calf muscle and I walked out of the clininc symptom free. James also gave me a set of stretches to do to prevent the hamstring from re-tightening. Two weeks on and I am symptom free and training at full tilt. I will certain use James next time I pick up an injury and highly recommend him.

Gary Mathlin, Cardiff

Had back muscular problems due to operation last year, having had physio and chiropractic treatment prior to James, neither of it resolved the problems.
James worked on my back for 1 month, two 1 hour sessions and two half hour sessions.
Back playing rugby/gym, no back pain, no stiffness and would recommend him to anyone as I will be doing to my friends and rugby team.

Mathew Azzopardi, Cardiff

After extensive spinal surgery I was delighted to find myself in the competent hands of James Ogle. After 2 sessions with him I felt 500% better. Not only did he sort my back out but he also talked me through some great advise and exercises that have been helping me since.

Drew McConnell, Poplar

The sports massage was very beneficial to me as an athlete and in general, its improved my performance, reduced fatigue and relieved any muscle swelling and tension I had previously.

Sophie Gwynne, Abergavenny

An appropriate balance of friendliness and professionalism by James. To help my back and shoulder problems, he used techniques that no-one has used on me before, and the results were simply excellent. An exceptional sports-masseur.

Nick Jones, Cardiff

Attend regularly for treatment of shoulder pain from muscular tension. I have noticed a clear improvement in the pain since attending with significant reduction in associated headaches.
Service is reliable, friendly and professional. Explanations and advice given readily. Did accommodate acute/urgent appointment when needed.

Gwenllian Davies, Cardiff

Having first visited James in April 2011 I now visit him every month.
I can not recommend him enough

Antony Smith, Penarth

James has a pleasant disposition, with strong medical and clinical background in relation to sports and rehabilitation medicine, with strong physical assessment technique which is translated in his approach and management towards the issues presented.

I have always found him to be the quintessential professional, listening to patient’s concerns and opinions with interest, offering suggestions based upon sound pedagogy and demonstrating willingness to try new strategies that would suit individual's lifestyle and compliance factor.
I had been seeking James professional assistance for the past few months due to upper and lower back pain, as well as a knee injury, both cases are work and sports related issues. By which he has been tremendously helpful in putting me back into fitness level with less or no pain.
His professionalism is a well-balanced blend of competence, experience, and cordiality. I eagerly give my endorsement of James Ogle’s skills and professionalism without qualification and with the highest recommendation.

Sidney Digdigan, Cardiff

James was friendly and easy to get on with. He improved my back lots and I now hardly suffer with any pain. He gave useful tips to do on a daily basis between sessions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else suffering with back pain.

Georgina Mathlin, Cardiff

I have been having Sports Massage for years as a semi-professional rugby player. I can honestly say that James at Sports Massage Cardiff is one of the best masseurs I have had.  He is very thorough and has a very good general manner. Highly recommended!

Mike Catris, Caerphilly

Very good sports massage. I was made to feel very comfortable from the first visit, problem areas are targeted and are much improved. Also given aftercare instructions to maintain improvement.

Melody Callaghan, Cardiff

I came to James Ogle as I had a bit of a problem with tight calves as a result of running. I had been running until it became too painful, leaving it for a week or so (without seeking treatment) and then running on it again for about a year.
After the first session (which was only half an hour) my calves felt noticeably less painful and I was able to run again almost immediately. My next session will only be my third, but the pain has almost totally disappeared. Whereas before I could barely walk after completing a run, I’m now running longer than before without any pain at all. James also showed me some stretches to do before and after my run, and told me how long I should hold them for etc.
The massages are great value for money (especially for students, as the price is reduced!), he is very friendly and I never feel uncomfortable.

Rhoslyn Thomas, Dinas Powys

Completely professional- took my thirteen year daughter to James before the welsh schoolgirl finals- he put us all at ease, was extremely reassuring and explained everything, made us feel relaxed and had a great rapport with sophie. Would thoroughly recommend him. Cleared the injury in her leg and she went on to win! Thank you

Samantha Rees, Pontyclun

Very professional sport massage, in a no frills environment. Have recommended to several friends, pricing is very reasonable and can afford to have monthly massage to keep any issues at bay.

Rebecca Jackson, Cardiff

I have suffered with back ache through muscle tension for as long as I can remember with no notable improvement from relaxation massages. After the first session my pain had gone from constant to intermittent and after three sessions it is hardly noticeable. I am no longer waking up in the night in pain.

James made me feel completely at ease from day one. He has also given me a small number of stretches to do daily at home to keep on top of things in between sessions.

I fully recommend James as a sports massage therapist

Helen Ridgway, Cardiff

Very professional massage. I have had a long term back injury, and the consultation beforehand was very detailed ensuring I received the most appropriate treatment.

Very good value for money, with the massage being longer than other sports massages I have received.

Very friendly service, and highly recommended.

I will be a returning customer.

Oliver Yeats, Cardiff

The service provided was tailored and sensitive to the practicalities of my lifestyle. The financial cost was less than other professionals i have seen and the exercises investigated to help with the therapy were considered and appropriate. The professional attitude and ability to listen, discuss and assess options was second to none.

Lawrence Fisher, Cardiff

I had been having a lot of pain in my lower leg that was having a negative impact on my training. James was able to identify the source and reduce the pain and inflammation through massage as well as recommend some simple exercises to build up strength in the affected area. This meant that I didn’t have to give up training as per my GP’s advice to rest for 2 months and was able to carry on training at a low intensity and then increase the duration when the injury healed.

David James Harris, Newport

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