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Dr. Farah Macdonald
Employment Medicals and Occupational Health Solutions

Phone: 07921827707

Dr Farah is an experienced UK GP with special interest in Occupational Medicine and Employment Medicals since 2007. She had offered Occupational Health solutions in sickness absence management, health at work policies, workplace risk assessments, workplace health surveillance programmes, and travel assessments and vaccinations; to various businesses, large and small.


Notable clients that she had served were the NHS, Cardiff University Students’ Union, the South Wales University, Swansea University, Scottish Southern Electrics Ltd; Norgine Pharmaceuticals, Merthyr Valleys Homes Housing Association; G4S; Cardiff Airport, the Royal Mint; SRK Consulting &Exploration Ltd; Tarmac Ltd and Tata Steel.


Dr Farah is an accredited doctor on the OEUK (formerly OGUK) doctor list and is an Approved Doctor to deliver ENG1 Seafarers Medicals.

She has extensive experience in providing medicals and other occupational health service  for the Oil & Gas and the Shipping Industry since 2016.  In addition to this, she has worked for BP PLC as the Occupational Health Advisor for its Shipping department for 2 years.


Notable clients within the Oil& Gas and Shipping Industries are BP, Totale, KBR, Worley Parsons, Bcerta, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Conocco Phillips, Pertamina, Bechtel, Foster Wheelers, Maersk, P&O Ferries, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line.


Dr Farah is based in Cardiff.


Services offered


ENG1 Medicals

OEUK(OGUK) Medicals

Offshore/Remote Medicals

HGV/Bus DVLA Medicals

Wind Turbine Medicals

Crane Operator Medicals

Food Handler Medicals

Sports Medicals (e.g. Racing, Boxing, PADI Diving, Skydiving etc)

Visa Medicals

Bespoke Employment Medicals (Specified by employers)

Health Surveillance – Audiometry, Spirometry, ECG, Skin Assessment

Chester Step test

6 minute walking test

Drug and Alcohol screening and certification (instant or send to lab test)

Bespoke employment blood tests, ECG, Spirometry, Audiometry testing, Chest x ray, Stress ECG testing (offsite)

Bespoke travel & occupational vaccinations

Sickness absence/Case management



FAQ page


What to expect during a medical appointment


  1. Please bring original photo ID (drivers licence/passport/seaman book but NOT birth cert).


  1. Please complete medical declaration and consent forms sent via email and returned to Dr Farah before attending medicals to ensure that attendees will bring all necessary documentations as per requirements of their respective medicals.


You have a medical condition(s)?

If you declared any medical conditions on the medical declaration form, please kindly provide details such as year of diagnosis, treatment had or ongoing, when cured, any recurrence. Please bring the latest doctors letters or specialist letters for any medical conditions that you have. For chronic conditions, please bring the latest specialist/doctor's letter confirming control of condition.


  1. Most medicals are between 30-45 minutes in duration.


Some bespoke medicals may be between 1-1.5 hours owing to some additional tests required (e.g. blood tests, ECG, spirometry, audiometry, drug & alcohol screening, vaccinations etc, Chester Step test, etc)


During a medical, there will be at a minimum, the following examination done by Dr Farah:


  • observation of posture, movement and gait

  • observation of skin, especially hands – to include scars from past surgery or injury

  • Height and weight, body mass index and/or waist to height ratio

  • visual inspection of teeth, gums, mouth and tonsils;

  • visual acuity (near and far vision)

  • Cardiovascular examination of the blood pressure, auscultation of the heart and lungs

  • Examination of the abdomen, hernial orifices and leg veins

  • simple neurological screen – reflexes, sensory function like eyes, ears, motor co-ordination in arms and legs, sense of balance.

  • Urinary dip test


  1. Urine dip test will be performed for all medicals, therefore, please ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to produce a urine sample at the beginning of the medical. Previously prepared sample not at clinic site is not accepted.


  1. Please refrain from exposure to any loud noises 16 hours before the appointment, in case a hearing test (audiometry) is required.


  1. Eyesight

It is advisable that you attend an optician before the medical to check if you need glasses for far and/or near vision please. There are job roles where the vision needs to be 20/20.  If the optician found that you do need glasses for perfect far vision, please ensure that the spectacles would be available to use by the time you attend the medical. If not ready by the medical day, please kindly inform us that you would need to rebook for another day.


  • If you wear contact lenses, please come to the appointment wearing your spectacles and not your lenses.


  1. Dental check up


It is highly recommended that attendees visit a dentist for a check-up before attending for their medical if they had not visited a dentist in the last year. It would be ideal to bring a dentist report commenting on the general oral health, any potential dental issues and whether any impending treatments are required.


  1. Body Mass Index (BMI) between 30-35 (special ENG1 medical requirement)


For those with Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 30-35, please bring proof of physical capabilities in the form or either a satisfactory pass certificate in the Survival training (dated last 2 years from the appointment); or a Chester Step test, dated in the last 3 months before appointment.


  1. Please be punctual for your appointment.


Please be considerate for others as the schedule is tight. Please plan ahead for car parking, there are spaces around but not many.


  1. Fees & Cancellation


Please refer to the Fees page for costs of respective medicals.


Payment is made upon completion of booking on this site or when completed by telephone.


Receipt will be provided once payment is received (in person or by email).


  • Cancellation 48 hrs prior appointment will be charged GBP80.

  • Cancellation 24 hours before or not turning up on the day is levied at full price of medical.


  1. Certification


For ENG1, OEUK, Crane Operator, HGV/Bus, PADI diving, Wind turbine, some sports medicals, certification can be provided on the same day. For some other medicals, certification will be provided upon completion of all testings required such as blood tests and any other additional requirements that require a few days turnaround time.


  1. Results and turnaround time


As a rule of thumb, if any laboratory testing is required, the general turnaround time will be between 48 hours to 7 working days. This is something that is out of control of Dr Farah because of the nature of testing that requires incubation periods and processing of samples. Attendees will be advised of the turnaround time of any testing required.


Fees Page


ENG1 Medical                                                                                                        GBP115

OEUK medical including audiometry                                                               GBP170

Crane Operator medical                                                                                     GBP 170

Food Handler (no lab testing)                                                                             GBP 170

HGV/Bus Medicals                                                                                                GBP130

Wind Turbine Medical including audiometry                                                  GBP 170

Drug and Alcohol Screening (alone)                                                                   GBP 170

Audiometry (alone)                                                                                                GBP 70

ECG (alone)                                                                                                             GBP70

Spirometry (alone)                                                                                                 GBP70

Chester Step test                                                                                                    GBP115

6 minutes walking test                                                                                          GBP115


Bespoke Employment medicals, laboratory testings, vaccinations, visa medicals, sports medicals – please forward the requirements to Dr Farah through email for a quote.


Phone: 07921827707

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